About Us

Nourish Agro Tech  Private Limited is an organization focused in the field of Organic farming & trading of high quality organic food products. The founders of the company are, Dr. Sarika Mathure  and Mr.Mangesh Kulkarni, started its

operations since Oct 2017.

Nourish agro tech is formed for the fulfilment of long seen dream of Organic farming, Serve to Farmers with Specialised Laboratories and Achieving benefits of Group Farming and Rent Farming.

The objective of Nourish Agro Tech is to spread awareness about the benefits of organic farming and motivate farmers for organic farming. Its marketing division is going to help farmers sell their organic products across India. The

organization is committed to provide organic food for healthy living to Indian consumers.

Organic products will reach the consumers via regional retails chain, Cash & Carry stores, ecommerce portals and home delivery.


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